Saturday, May 16, 2009

excuse me.

anger and the ability to be patient with one has limit. and when it goes beyond the limit, it means enough, you should serious stop.

if i were to be given a chance to slap someone in the face anonymously, it would be you. there is no one else that had ever angered me more than you. if i do not know you, it would already have been done. if my eyes could burn, i would have baked you brains everytime i lay my eyes on you and your mouth that say words that mean nothing to me.

you may be you, you may have the authority over me, you may be wiser than me, but i am not just someone that you can just pour your frustration at.

i can be all the stupids in the world that i am but i do not need you to make me feel so much more better with you pointing out how stupid i am.

people like you needs to take therapy.

people like you need a huge mirror to see yourself and how disgusting you look. what a smart alec you think you are. oh wait, maybe a mirror is not enough, maybe you need a X-ray machine to see yourself internally, how full of trash you are.

people like you needs to know that sometimes, its fucking ok to shut your smart trap. yes, its ok. people will still think you are smart, don't worry, even with your trap shut.

whenever you have more people that is against you then for you, that does not mean that you are discovering more stupid people. it means that the problem is with you and not everybody. probably and most highly likely is you are the shallow one.

most of all, don't judge me like you know me. because really, you don't. neither do i know you. no wonder your words are so foreign to me.

ya, maybe i should continue my good job on play pretending. i am beginning to be so good at this game. but i am also coming to become so sick of playing it everyday, day and night.

i might only write this because i need an output to my anger but believe me, there are some truths and plenty of honesty above. its lethal, yes, but you are pushing me this way.


ssk said...

kenapa ni kakak...

Nadya said...

sedap ni.