Friday, May 22, 2009


do not judge me just because i scratch my ass before i scratch my tongue.

oh no. lately, i have been pretty hooked on watching basketball. but then rest asure i will never be playing the game. but blame me not, but basketball is all there is to watch. (just so you know, this is because i vow to be loyal to netball. yes. i am a lil fanatic. or a lot.)

ooo. just a reminder for tennis fans, Roland Garros is starting soooon. by the way, did youl know that Novak "the-self-declared-greatest-player" Djokovic dropped to the 4th rank player now and Andy Murray has taken over the 3rd position. i was suprised that it did not make headlines all over the world. hah. though i log in to the ATP official website very often but still did not know about it until a few weeks after he dropped in the rankings.

yesterday, Convent's netball team won their first round premier game match against TMGS, 19-13. the next game would be after the school holidays on home ground against Holly Methodist school. if you feel generous for some support, keep posted for the exact date here.

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jenn said...

eh, mundo. it's 19-30! we aren't that bad. =D
c ya soon!