Tuesday, October 28, 2008

coldness is killing me.

its been really cold lately.

oh, how i hate it.

1. i can't feel my toes and fingers.
2. cannot find a nice warm spot on the bed.
3. dishes get stacked up, cause i do not want to touch water.
4. and because of this, i try not to use the toilets too often, cause i do not want to wash me hands.
5. besides saving water, i do waste too. everytime i shower, i stand under the hot running water and just hoping that i do not need to get out.
6. nipples stand fucking erect when it gets colder than cold.
7. lips cracks. freaken pain. feels enlarged. (not good when it comes to the enormity of eejane's lips.)
8. uncarpeted area of the house like the bathroom and kitchen floors are like ice.
9. toilet bowl seat is cold. the first touch is like frost bite.
10. the keypads on the lapton gets cold too, after being left for awhile.
11. i do not like wearing long pants, feels that my legs cannot breathe but its cold.
12. the reluctantness to get out of bed in the morning. cause now the bed is already all warm.
13. i dislike drinking warm milk.
14. its not cold enough to turn on the heater but its too cold to bear.
15. the metal plate on my watch is cold.
16. i might have burn all my facial hair with the hot water i use to wash my face.
17. hate goosebumps. they are ugly. unless swanbumps, then maybe.
18. cereal is no good with warm milk. blergh.
19. i curl up so much during sleep, i might suffer back aches after this season.
20. at times, i thought i lost the tip of my nose.

no fun. i need sun.

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Fauzan said...

I'm the first....hahaha...