Friday, October 3, 2008

one question, many answers.

What is the one thing that you did not know last year but know better this year?

i find this question rather appealing. so for the past two days, i harassed friends on MSN and asked them this question. here are all of them;

Leithiga said : 'life is actually beautiful - full of rainbows of every colour.'

Sui Ying said : 'laundry. that it can help me escape the evening heat.'

Jessica K said : 'that college is not as fun as it seems.'

Yan Ming said : 'the world is not only huge but its huge and ugly.'
when asked, why so?
'being really our of comfort zone, realised things are not as simple as it looks - its no heaven on Earth. people always say that life is simple, do not agree.'

Mi Xuan said : 'get to know that the world is sick.'
when asked, why so?
'because back in school did not have time to read about the news around the world, now, finds that world is sick due to the political issues, natural disasters - flood, milk poisoning etc.. and rapping cases..'

Mei Linn said : 'life after school is harder than i thought.'

Jennifer said : 'friendship. kepentingan persahabatan.'

Jie Jing said : 'should appreciate parents and family more because been taking things for granted.'

Shu Fen said : 'setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah di sebaliknya.'

Shuh Pyng said : 'driving. all it needs is a little more confidence.'

Sook Kin said : '______ is a bitch.'

Koa Er said : 'i don't know what you talking la ejane.'

Ezen said : 'i have to think first.'

Joanne said : 'how much i love Taiping.'

Sui Ying's answer is typical answer you can get from her. but at least she found out something significant. because, the hardship of the people that did our laundry all this while had gone unnoticed. so this is certainly something to learn.

Sook Kin's answer is haha, i would say many others would agree but i cannot reveal the name, if not i die, she die, we all die. but then at least she realised it, some people don't. but give this person some credit, this person is only like that because this person cannot help it.

Shuh Pyng's answer speaks for itself. like hell ya, Beh, took you long enough to realise that.

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