Wednesday, October 22, 2008

truths about truth.

truth hurts but truth will set you free
i think it is.
truth do hurt.
no matter if its good or bad.
it hurts someway or another.
but it certainly sets you free.
giving you the biggest sense of relieve.

to runaway from truth is to make truth haunting.
truth is like fear.
face it.
know it.
conquer it.
live with it.

truth comes in many forms, those that i know of are;

  1. those bad truths that bites you right on the ass. that smacks you right on the face like a roti canai. you would go dumbfounded and say to yourself, how come i did not see that coming at all? i was/am that blind. these kinda truth will certainly teach a very valuable life lesson. lets you see things in a different way, and be more caution in the next time coming.
  2. there are bad truths that make you realise what you have to do to improve as a person in someway. there will be no third party involve, just you, yourself and truth itself. it does not rip you wide apart like #1 but its a 'really, thats me?' kinda truth.
  3. there are good truths..but good truths sometimes are the biggest life suckers. good truths that you only know when you are not able to make use of the truths. though it surely feels good to know but it is only knowing it. for example, knowing that he actually loves you but you are dying in a week. ironic. but for these kinda truths, they have to be in an ironic situation then its being confessed, i guess.
  4. there are good truths that are not ironic, also. they just come right out and make your day(s) everyday. classic truths.
  5. truths that you just cannot control. it can be bad, or good. or both. just how you see it. truths that are not being confessed, truths that just occur naturally on its own. its like a slow slaugther.
  6. truths that make you go, fuck faggoty fucking faggottm. its not bad and its not good, its just plain fact. for example like, 'woah, Amsa (simply just a name as a character in this context) is taller and skinnier than Jennifer (ditto).

but being it truth #1, or #2 or 3 or 4, 5 or 6 they all set you free. hurt or not, its always good to know.

gimme some truth, people.

*its difficult to pronounce 'truths'. no?

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