Tuesday, July 8, 2008

for my friends...

this is for all my great friends out there, back home, in Malaysia.

mizen, ezen, jennifer, beh, joanne,
teoh, yan, ng, meichen, meilinn, yeeling, pohjuan, agnes, lei.
my classmates: farhana, shafiq, hazlin, theva, peiying, ah farn, veroski, norida, farahin, alia, shaz, jessicaa, AMSA, siva, yoga, asmira, putri-puteri,..
those that were there with me hanging out, wasting time for the past few months: serena, teexin, malini...

i think of you whenever i pull out my wedgie. it sucks to not have a wedgie, it sucks to live without your company.

lotsa misses and loves.

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