Wednesday, July 16, 2008

musical plays.

yesterday night, my dada and i went to a musical play, at the Miller Outdoor Theater. the play was titled, Disney's When You Wish. it was nice. the play has no storyline but just musical presentation, dance and singing, on most of Disney's cartoon. weirdly somehow my favourite was The Jungle Book. and one on cats... i don't/can't recall any cats cartoon though, 'everybody wants to be a cat', sounds familiar huh, but what cartoon is that???

anyway, it was a special setting. the theater is set in the middle of a park. in front of the theater are seats for those with tickets and behind that is a small green hill, where public can just sit on the grass and enjoy the play as well, for free. and at the same time enjoy the night sky.

we had the tickets but we were 30 minutes late and thus our seats were taken. we were suppose to be at our seat 30 minutes before the curtain opens. and 15 minutes prior to that, untaken seats are given away. so we had to sit on the lil hilly patch of grass that was swamp with lil kids. *annoyed,very much.~

thats the outdoor one. last month, i went to an indoor musical play at Theater Under The Stars. its not really under the stars like outdoors but the ceiling of that theater has starry starries on them. the play called, The Drowsy Chaperone -the funniest musical on broadway was of course, funny. and the dancing, especially the tap dancing was awesome. the whole stage backdrop... the ensemble of musicians that is responsible for the sound effects, the music and all. unfortunately enough, they don't allow cameras.

musical plays are not for gays.

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