Sunday, July 13, 2008

the 13th again.

aaah, so here i am on the 13th. which now marks the 2nd month i am away, faraway from home. never in my life, been away from home for such a long time. anyway, since i've lasted for two months straight, guess i lasted longer than i expected. (hell, is there other choice anyway?) well, life is flowing for me. as it has to flow. anyway, skip skip the unnecessary part, and jump into my movie marathon. the last time i had 22 movies on my list for the 1st month. now into the 2nd month, damsyik, my marathon is less by more than half to only eigth movies! sigh. what a fall. so here is the list,

1. Premenition. (awesome! indeed. really make you go round and round and round and dump you where you first were.)
2. The Brave One.
(nice too.)

3. The Love Guru.
4. Big Momma's House. (ok. really old movie though.)
5. Stardust. (i am impressed. i am sure most had seen this movie. i like the soundtracks. they are nice.)
6. WALL.E (i am a lil disappointed. its cutish cartoon but but but somehow...)
7. Wanted. (totally wowed by it, that, when i was cycling home after the show, i was still so into the mood of it all, that i crossed the road without looking left or right and thus, got honked at. it awesome. every scene just seem to wow you.)
8. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. (it stars jim carrey, kate winslet, kristen dunst,.. but it feels like an independant movie. but its not bad.)

sadly, only eight. so there you go.

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