Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mama Mia.

mama mia is like a trademark for my friends and i. it may not be the hippest song to listen to or the hippest song in the music world right now but it to me, it means a lot. this is because mama mia is the first song ever, performed by my friends and i. haha. ya, it is an amateur performance in a school during a teacher's retirement, but its not a thing that everyone has an opportunity to do. and besides that, it was also the last song the band played, at the Convent's Alumni night, before all of us part our ways. well, mama mia is like the song that made it happen for us. =) sweet sweet times.

with this, if you may have heard, there is a movie called, 'mama mia'. its a musical movie. its a love story told using all ABBA songs. one of them, mama mia, of course. its a good interesting movie. stars meryl steep and pierce brosnan. at some parts, it just makes you want to stand up and shake your groove on. make sure to catch it. wayy bettter than whatever dark knight.

wishing those that were a part of the mama mia performances best of everyday.

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