Wednesday, July 30, 2008


what is worst tasting soda?
i would say dr.pepper. its a cherry flavoured soda which is poouh yucky. for those that hate the cherry (usually on the icing of cakes) would certainly hate this drink. cause it taste almost like that. and also with a lil touch of cough medicine taste. blurgh.

how do you differenciate coca-cola and diet coke?
diet coke appears darker in colour than coca-cola, seriously. diet coke is less tasty and is rather tasteless compared to coca-cola which has a stronger taste. and coca-cola has a stronger smell compared to diet coke. so sniff sniff and you will know.

is there a difference in taste and look between 7up and sprite?
i don't know but i hope to find out. haha.

who loves orange soda?
kel loves orange soda.
(from the kenan and kel show)


suiying said...


that cherry thing they put on cakes must be the worst thing ever invented. Designed to ruin birfdays.

Can you show us a picture of dr. pepper? Save some poor souls from choking.

eejane said...

that is for you, teoh! buy a can and take a sip and throw the rest away.