Thursday, July 24, 2008


few days ago, i had my day out. went hacked with my fellow colleagues cum friends, yu ting, stella and grace. well, they are the first few nice lovely people that i know on this strange land. first we went to feast on some japanese cuisine. everything was good except for the udon noodles. blek. its sourish soup was bluh. later we stopped by Galleria for dessert at the, Marble Slap Ice-cream, i think, for some sweeeet stuff. indulged into some cheesecake ice-cream and it has a rather awkward taste. and then we went for a movie, the all famous all so highly rated and reviewed The Dark Knight. and went home without a sweet supper as planned because of the long movie. but i shall call it a day.

*** *** ***

The Dark Knight, you know what, i called it, a two and half hours of i-don't-understand. seriously, i do not know what was going on with the movie. the villain, yes, the jokerman, the hero, the batman, the lawyer and the police? the rest is what?? what? huh? why? i don't know, i may be like freaking stupidard or something that was why i did not get it but i have to say, its really way to complex. or maybe its just a bad movie and nobody notices it just because it broke some record in the box office whatnot. its ok to not understand a movie but its 2 1/2 hours long, people - the torture. just sitting there wishing it would quickly end or wishing you finally understood it. but no. aih.

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