Saturday, July 19, 2008

our tokoh puteri '07

i promised one of my closest of good friends that i will cherish the moment and the memory that she became the Tokoh Puteri Convent 2007. though, unfortunately, i could not make it to give her a big hug on the minute that it was annouced. i could not make it to applaude her success and all, therefore, i dedicate this post just for her, my dear friend, miss beh shuh pyng a.k.a mahsubing, skub, behskubpeng, etc.

aahhh...see, this is her. on the day of her big day. so pretty, almost elegant, hiding all the clumsiness. mind you, she does not look like that. its really lucky for those that are able to see her so prim and proper. because most of the days she is very stressed and agitated and exasperated and of course with all that, she don't look very nice to even allow you to take a close up photo like that. and look, a little purpley flower. (she wore that as if to bring me along..right, beh?) anyway, anyway, i should not deviate on what i should be writing about.

this is her on the stage. receiving the big old trophy - only those gifted and hard workers get to put their hands on.

well, she truly deserves it. for all the homework she completes. for all the tuition she went to. for all the revision she did. for all the practices she did. for all her self-belief. all her consistent good results in examniations. all her endless hard work. in school, after school. besides that, her ability to be a good leader in school, a rescpectable prefect, haha, still being able to watch tevee and divide her time for all her driving lessons and tests to finally pass after the forth time. luckily the teachers did not consider that into account, if not, tidak jadilah dia sebagai tokoh puteri hari ini. i had to mention that, i know thats a lil evil but of course, i had to mention it, it will not be complete without it. right, teoh? right, mizen? haha.

i know, when she reads this, she will wanna kill me, but deep inside, she memang ada SS punya, biasalah, kan beh shuh pyng. hahaha. sorry, beh. but i could not help myself. its not that i wanna ridicule you but this is actually honouring you as the tokoh puteri and to show you how proud i am of you.

how she became the tokoh purteri : i will say that nobody will know better than me (and other friends) how much she slogged to have this achievement. everyday in class, she keeps her self-discipline at a very high level. can you ever imagine a person sitting beside ejane can concentrade on only doing her homework? i do not mean that ejane is noisy and talkative, no, she is not, but its just ejane. its still acceptable if this person sits beside jennifer and do homework all day, then ya. but not ejane. well, this person - beh shuh pyng can. she will not look up, as long as her homework are not complete. she will not laugh at any jokes. she will not deny anything thrown at her. when most of us, or maybe just me, are only on the brink marking down which question to do, she would be on her last question already. and sometimes, she can do it even before the teacher gives the homework, she predicts them. sometimes this causes her to do extra questions but what the heck, she finishes earlier than those following strictly to what the teachers give. and when she finishes all her homework, she kacau people pulak. thats why...then the other people pulak cannot finish homework in time.

so that is pretty much the very short version of a very long story of how this tokoh puteri came to be.

miss you much, my tokoh puteri.

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