Monday, July 28, 2008

simple satistics on malaysia.

some may say that that Anwar is another power craving politician waiting in line to be the next government so that he gets his turn to rob the country and the citizens. making it now as if its one criminal blaming another criminal of his crimes. but right now, no one knows for sure that if Anwar is true to his words, and will he carry out all that he has said that we will do if we make him the prime minister. no one knows. but one thing we do know, is the current government is certainly a criminal to all the citizens' suffering, major or minor. since no one knows, question, what happens if after Anwar is at his top, he becomes like one of the animals? well, what do we gotta lose? if we make him the leader, there is a 50 -50 chance that he may turn out bad, and he may not. if he does not, we have a whole lot to benefit from. a whole lot of suffering taken back. but if he does, its real unfortunate but we do not lose anything because all that we can lose, we had already lost them to the current government. right?

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