Sunday, July 27, 2008

tennis news.

tennis is an awesome sports to watch. i can spend hours and hours sitting in front of the tevee watching every point and cheering everytime there is a good rally. though i do not play tennis anymore and am totally rusty but i do enjoy watching the game very much. and i try my best to always catch up with the sports progress, especially in the men's singles.

thus, i want to point out that, rafa (my all time favourite) is so going to te over the no.1 rank in the South African Airways ATP ranking. after his most recent win, in the Rogers Cup in Toronto, he is now only 300 points behind federer (my all time meluat nampak) when federer lost to simon guilles in the second round. now, according to the ATP news, rafa only need about one more week, one more ATP title to take over the top rank.

and to novak (all time perasan), during the clay court season, if i am not mistaken, in the ATP Master Series in Hamburg when rafa met novak in the semi-finals and it was the made headlines because it was a crucial match for both rafa and novak. because in this very match, if rafa loses, this means novak will take the no.2 rank and if rafa wins, he gets a rematch, against federer on the only clay court title that he did not successfully grasps in 2007. but no doubt, the king of clay won the match and thus going on to win the title and managed to rip it away from federer. well, my whole point now is, novak is long and gone. now, its not the tension between rafa and novak for the no.2 rank anymore, its now, rafa and federer for the no.1 rank. therefore, novak, please, you are not and never was a treat to rafa, even a little bit. the media should stop saying that novak is closer to the no.2 rank, he can only be close to a point but never can he over take rafa. and in the recent ATP Rogers Cup, novak lost to andy murray - the one that was supposed/expected to be having novak's limelight until when he was injured and was away for a few months.
haha, novak, haha, what happen to 'i am the best player in the world?'

federer is certainly falling into the public unintentional damnation. after 3 grand slams, he has yet to put his hands on any title this year. and after so many ATP master series, he has managed to win two titles. i do wonder will he take the US Open crown this year. but well, i can't care less. oh, and olympics.

and in women, not much. but i still am wondering why till today did justine henin retire out of the blue.

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Lei said...

oh yea,rafa rules.