Monday, June 23, 2008

oh tanah airku.

what is actually happening to Malaysia?

i know but i don't think i know quite enough to know yet will i ever know enough? even when i am back home i rarely read the newspaper, catch up with the current events or what not but this 'Malaysian issue', which i don't even know what the core is, is already catching up with me here. and i become so interested in knowing more but hell i can't. so i find answers in this website called, news and views that matters, there are so much issues there, political issues. ok, so i guess all this havoc and mayhem in the politics in Malaysia is causing all the mess in Malaysia, what the hell, i don't even know. is this issue common? all this political battle has been there all along that i was too ignorant to even notice or did it only start after the 12th general election?

all i know lately was that the price of fuel went up and thus causing prices of food and many everyday essentials to increase too and consequently cost of living increases but yet income remains stagnant. anyway, from, there are so many interesting issues, spreading awareness in the general public in how Malaysia is turning into under the current government, so many columns, articles, so many letters, videos...(btw i love to watch anwar talk.) as shallow as i am right now, i know Malaysia is not in good hands, so is there a tiny possibility that the government will change?

all this is so confusing. maybe i am just not fit to understand all this. but hey, i love Malaysia. its not Malaysia's fault that its so fucked up. well, i just hope that Malaysia will somehow be able to turn around and be better. Malaysia is such a beautiful little country that it would be so bitter if one day the country goes down the slump. i truly hope Malaysia will not fall any deeper.

because to me there is no other place to call home once you've experienced and live the Malaysian life. i may not have seen the world yet, but i am sure of that.

do visit, people.


Anonymous said...

You sound like a younger person. Be careful. Not everything you read on malaysiakini is the truth. Anwar may talk well but he's just another power-hungry politician.
Anyway, decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anwer is power crazy or not is not important to RAKYAT. We, RAKYAT just want a change of government, RAKYAT had enough of suffering from this BN/UMNO goons, corrupted, lies, cheats, robs,and etc, etc. WE must send BN/UMNO goons to HELL FOREVER.Otherwise our children will suffer even more than us.

Anonymous said...

Hidup RAKYAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Anwar is crazy but all BN leaders are more crazier like beruk beruk mat rempit! Never trust BN words, they are foul racist and pure pysco