Friday, June 13, 2008

movies on my list.

today, marked the 13th of june 2008 on my angel images calender indicate that i had been away from home for a month now. i made it out, alive. away from taiping, the food, the life, my friends, my car, my house, my spongebobs, my grandparents, my bro (eer?), squash, purpley clouds, my e.v.e.r.y.thing. days come and go so quickly but the hours and minutes passes so slow, tick after tock. making it for a month without all that was not easy and will not be but i hope things get better.

in this period of time, what can i be doing? i do still jog at least 3 times a week, and now that i don't own a license, i cycle to everywhere i go. most of the time, to the cinema, oh, yesssss. with this i would like to say that i hit a record of 22 movies watched in a month. it may not be an astonishing record or what not but its indeed my personal best. some of the movies i watched here are some of the best and i hope that after i share them with you, you will be able to watch them, i assure you that you will have no regrets.

here is the list,
1. Over her Dead Body
(humour by eva longoria, worth your time if you have a lot of it.)

2. License to Wed (another comedic movie by robbie williams. ok. almost similar to no.1,if you like this you would like no.1.)
3. The Forbidden Kingdom (jackie chan and jet li, and the guy from sky high, should pretty mcuh know what to expect, right?)
4. Into the Wild (watch it. enough said. main actor is also the main actor in the recent movie, speed racer.)
5. Spongebobsquarepantis Atlantis (haha)
6. Charlie Wilson's War (i watched it because of julia roberts. but i don't know what was going on most of the time.)
7. Kung Fu Panda (nice enough.)
8. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guatanamo Bay (comedy comedy comedy. but unfortunately its rated R, meaning its only for those 18 and above.)
9. Don't Mess with Zohan (sama sama saja seperti yang di atas but at least i think this is PG-13. how can a movie be not comedic wtih adam sandler?)
10. Guy X (funny storyline.emm.)
11. The Kite Runner (its also a book, i think i saw it in Popular bookstore in Taiping. its a good worth watching touching movie.yes. though if you prefer the slow process than the quick one, its better to read the book as it is more explicit and detailed in the book.)
12. Mr.Woodcock (a comedy but not funny enough for me, somehow)
13. Jam (stupid movie that wasted my time. shit)
14. Juno (popular movie. don't see why you should not watch it)
15. What Happens In Vegas (cameron diaz and hotty ashton. yea. catch it if you can.)
16. S.W.A.T (collin ferrel. nice sajala. but its a really old movie.)
17. Who Am I? (this movie is older than your dog. its jackie chan though, if you are a fan)
18. Panic Room (this is a good movie. this time was my third time watching it. still good everytime.)
19. Ratatouille (first time i watched it i thought it was pretty boring, this time, i watched it twice, back to back and i find it good. good cartoon.)
20. A Beautiful Mind (errr...)
21. Flawless (worth watching. staring demi moore and michael caine, suspense..somewhat)
22. Harriet The Spy (this is my all-time favourite movie eversince. i manage to grab hold of the VCR version for 99cents. its an old nickelodeon production, stars michelle trachtenberg, that was when she was only about 11, now she is Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ya, thats how old this movie is)

so many movies watched is all because there is a vending machine kinda machine here that vends movies for only $1 per movie and also fact that there is a cinema just behind where i live and its a cycle-able distance. anyway, some are really old movies and some are rather new some are the newest. those in bold is a should watch. but Into The Wild is a must watch. its just a really good movie. movies movies and more movies.

sit back and relax, people.
popcorns anyone? with extra caramel...

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