Tuesday, June 24, 2008

guru Pitka.

mariska hargitay...

so here i am, just got back from my afternoon bicycle ride - to the cinema. this time to catch The Love Guru. well,like most movies i've watched, they are all stupid nonsense comedies. so goes with this. my overall review would be that, its funny but there are not many moments that you actually laugh out loud. it only makes you smile. somehow, i don't know why. but i would say that it is an inspiring movie, the guru, Guru Pitka has many good love advice, know. for example, if you have trouble with 'intimacy', meaning you have problems with, 'into-me-you-see.' haha. good one huh. from Guru Pitka, i also learned that the bible is
B - basic
I - instructions
B - before
L - leaving
E - earth

and guru means; (say it out loud)

he also wrote several books, namely, 'IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HAPPY, THINK AGAIN', well, this is one that i remember because its hell, no, i will never read this book. funniest part i think is the Guru Pitka's guru, who is not blind butonly seriously cross-eyed. oh ya, and the leading actress is jessica alba, and dang, her character's name is jane. oh and justin timberlake is also part of the cast. he was not bad.

so all in all, my $7.25 was worth it. no regrets, though wished there were just more laughing out loud moments. but i bet that it would be a whole lot more fun watching with my wacko jacko fwends.

watch the Guru Pitka in action, people.

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