Wednesday, June 18, 2008

being on the streets.

its 15minutes to 1am. and out of boredom and the inability to sleep early, i grabbed my keys, walked out the door. and figured, lets not just stand here and stare at the moon. so i cycled. cycled around the neighbourhood. i went to the post box to check if there is any mail, took the keys out to try to open those mail boxes to stupidly realise, i don't know which one belongs to the home address. as i was working the keys, the sound of the keys hitting each other was as if so loud, in the silent night on an empty street. i was so scared that a dog might bark at me and wake everyone up, but guess there are no stray dogs here. then i cycled to the park/playground just around the corner and was thinking of going on the swing to feel the night breeze brush again my face but there was no light, it was pitch black. so being ejane, i quickly cycled away.

it was rather spooky but it did remind me of my driving days when i used to drive around late at night...
to compare between cycling and driving, i guess they both have its weaknesse.
one, being in a car gives you a sense of security but driving a car has many empty spaces for uninvited guests to ride along with you. cycling has only one space and one space only but it is very exposed.
second, driving in a car, you always tend to look at the rear view mirror which you actually don't have to since there isn't any cars anyway at the wee hours of the morning or at midnight. cycling, you rarely look back, why would you? thus... whatever that is behind you,
is behind you.

there was once, i drive out to my friends place to take something really important (concerns netball), since it was important, i took the risk of driving out at 5minutes to midnight on my birthday. i drove out without any fear, singing along with the songs playing on the cd and i was so distracted that i even drive through red light without even realising i did that until i reached home. i even used the tupai indusrty road, which is very deserted. but when i was driving home from my friends, i almost died..of fear.

then there is one time when i was fetching my brother for his swimming lesson at 520am, since it was my first time ever to drive the streets of taiping so early in the morning, i decided to explore taiping a lil more. taking long cuts and finally when i was driving home, i used the route in lake gardens and taking the long way instead of the short one, near the seratas asrama, where the tragic car accident happened, i regretted greatly, i was trembling. wished i could just close my eyes and reach home. it was dark and the fact that a tragic car accident took place there really killed me. and to make matters worst, i was the only car there. and the lamp post there was not turned on. but at least i learned my lesson.

and one of the worse time is this one time when i stayed back at my friends house until late midnight. though her house was just barely 2km away but the 2km was as if the longest distance
i've ever driven on. i don't know what triggered that funk in me but i wanted to blast some music but somehow the loud noise was scaring me. but when i offed the noise, it was so silent...i can only hear the beating of my heart and me breathing..i am glad i didn't hear any inhalation and exhalation behind my neck. if not i would surely run and leave the car behind. and as i waited for my gate to open, it was a forever process.

so i guess its a good thing that we do not have eyes at the back of our heads. if we did, mine would be shut most of my life.

don't look back, people.

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Anonymous said...

u r so brave? Cycling is more scary than jane cycling alone midnite. 'pui fuk' u

oops i farted...