Monday, June 30, 2008

my days so far...

many may wonder what am i doing with my life right now. with no friends, no school, no license, no nothing, whats life? how can i be living in such dull, monotonous and dry lifestyle, being that its eejane. well, guess you actually can, i actually can, with the fact that there is no other way to do it but to live everyday. i am here since May 13th and for 18 days that folkowed, i did nothing but hid myself under the covers for days, maybe i was just trying to runaway from the awful misery i was drowning in. but soon after, i recovered, i had to. those 18 days was all about trying to absorb the fact that i am not in Taiping anymore and trying to settle with the thought that it would take more than 1 month before i am home again. going out and about in where i am was just so tiring. i was not (still am not) very interested to see the the foreign place i am in because i know i will have more than enough time to see it, so why rush? all i wanted to do was stay in.

after the eighteenth day mark, i guess it was time that i do something with my life, moreover, with the fact that there is no way for me to go to school yet, makes it feels like my life was getting more and more purposeless, senseless, pointless... therefore, i found myself a job, as a nasty waitress, in a malaysian restaurant, Nyonya Grill A Taste Of Malaysia. i've been working there close to a month now. from the short eriod of time, i've seen a lot of people, met a lot of people, talked to a lot of people and smiled hypocritically to a lot of strangers. though as much as i hate the idea of working, i love the idea of me making money. but working there is more like a pleasurable commitment and also to pass my time.

so, ya, i work. but whenever i don't, i will be cycling around, to the cinema to catch a movie, to the bookstore to read some stuff or i'll be jogging. but most of the time, i am here, staring at the computer screen, blogging, reading blogs, news and updates on Malaysia and of course, catching up with my friends. so thats pretty much my life so far, and coming. again, you may wonder why can't i go to school, well, thats a lil too boring and long a story to tell here. well.

, i've learned somethings that i didn't know. well,of course.duh. met with so many kind of people there. especially my fellow waitresses there. most are from China studying here, one from Hong Kong, an engineer in an oil company but working part time as a waitress. those chinese speaks mandarin at a speed of lightning which makes it so hard for me to understand. therefore, initially sign language was our language of communication. but now, slowly but surely i am learning mandarin. and at work, there are also maxicans that work in the kitchen, and they are even worse because their knowledge in english is almost zero. but i am picking up espanyola pretty well.

, only i realise how proud it is to be a Malaysian. prouder than ever before. there was a question that i was asked by my fellow chinese colleagues, how come i am a Malaysian but i speak english. and besides that i can also speal hokkien, a lil of mandarin and also speak our native language? so whenever people talk to you in other language (that is not english) do you 'translate' it to english in order to understand? i SERIOUSLY had no idea how to explain it to her. moreover, in mandarin. because to us, we just understand it. is there any method that we understand so many languages? but to them, when a foreign language is used, then somehow they translate it to mandarin only then they absorb it.

, quite a number knows Malaysia. one goes there often for business matters and has a girlfriend, in a nice way, girlfriend but truth is its a mistress and it was awkward how he had to tell me that he was already married because of a stupid question i asked. one was in Malaysia back in the 1970s. and one has blurred memories of Malaysia but most customers knows that Malaysia is near Singapore, not Singapore is somewhere near Malaysia, (damn it). once in awhile, i meet with Malaysians here and once in a long while, there are Malaysian Malays yang bertudung dan ada yang berbahasa Melayu.

, Malaysian food here is the best of available here. but certainly nothing compared to home. less authentic, less Malaysian quality and no Malaysian love. worst is my most favourite malaysian food - wantan mee kuan low, is the worst food on the menu here.

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