Wednesday, June 11, 2008

happiness, ya, of course.

have you ever thought what happiness is all about? if ten people were asked what their definition about happiness is, i am sure all ten are different. well, for me, i really don't know what happiness is. maybe for now, my happiness is freedom and days that i don't get shouted at. but come on, happiness could just be a phantom, just a word to play tricks to our mind and our feelings. but yet, maybe it could be like what the article i read from Reader's Digest, the June 1989 edition said.

from the article, "...if you think people living in glamorous, fun-filled place are more happier than others. if so, you have some mistaken ideas of the nature of happiness..." but truth is " and happiness have little or nothing in common. FUN is what we experience, HAPPINESS is what we experience after an act. it is deper and more abiding emotion." so it says in the article. i would have to agree at some part to some extend but i will put it this way instead, if there isn't any happiness, there isn't any fun, when there is happiness, fun comes automatically. fun can't exist without happiness, no?

and i quote again, "
if fun and pleasure are equated with happiness, then pain must be equated to unhappiness. but in fact, the opposite is true, more times than not, things that lead to happiness involve some pain. " i agree more than i disagree. in some cases, if there is no pain, we can never find the true happiness within.

happiness doesn't find us, do they? but there is so many ways we can find happiness and what we see in happiness. though fact is, no expensive cars, no glamorous parties, fancier home, luxurious vacations can bring you happiness but what if that is what you see in happiness?

i'd be fine with contentment if i don't find happiness. maybe being content is keeping me happy.

but when i read the meaning of happiness through andrew matthews (the author happiness now, no.1 best seller and published in 33 languages) it a whole different thing. i am rather confused now.

but i live by this quote, "kebahagiaan dan kekecewaan adalah lumrah hidup. andainya kebahagiaan menjadi milikmu, bersyukurlah. seandainya kekecewaan mendampingi hidupmu, usahlah berputus asa." good enough, why complication when there is simplification.

be happy, people.

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