Thursday, April 30, 2009

and then there is this...

hectic as hectic is spelled spells this week. but yet here i am, posting up some thoughts. lets just say that i am doing this as a way for me to runaway from everything for a moment or two, just to make myself feel better, because this is also a waste of time that i could put to good use.

*staring at the screen, eyes wide open, forgetting to blink*

labours day. May 1st. holiday. but not here. labours day is in september. yes, here, its always special.

*listening to the same songs over and over again and again*

i am critically addicted to malay songs. as unusual as it may sound and seem, i have been in this condition for sometime now. mainstream malay music is all i know but yet, they fulfill my music soul, thats if it exist. but somehow, it fulfill some part of me. mainstream Indonesian music dominates in my player. to name some, Peterpan, Nidji, Gita Gutawa, Sheila on 7, Meet Uncle Hussein, Glen Fredly and even Anuar Zain. the more absorbent i am towards their lyrics, the more i am hooked to their music. generally, malay music is always popularly assumed to be all about cinta, but then, cinta is not that overrated as love is. and no, not all malay music is about cinta.

it has been a month or so, i am working at another Starbucks store. there is one shift manager that i truly dislike (or hate, if i have to). oooooooooh, ghin ee. and ee koh si anene, makes me ghin bi kok anene nia. sipek phun tua. nasi lu eh hiau tak hokkien, wa boh ghin anene in general, no, wa kana ghin bi kok eh oo poi, kelinga oo poi. tapi, at least i think ee si anene. i think she knows i do not like her anyway. it is a secret but it is obvious. and i think she is responding right by disliking me back, it makes life ever more so interesting here on out when i work with her. though she is definately has the edge if compared to me against her, but its fine. it is ok that i become her slave but i will curse her for every step that she takes. may god bless her a lot. monster.

*grins thinking of the things i had done towards this fella that had gone unnoticed, or maybe they were noticed in silence. evil is in the air*

i am in a crisis of i-don't-know-what-i-can-buy for people when i go home. so many things but so little options. so yes but so no. but i am excited to see what i will end up getting, and i can't wait to start the spree. but there are final exams to be excited for first.

i conteng my kasut hari ini. and i tersalah conteng. end up, i had to scratch it. so sekarang, the imperfection is somewhat bugging my mind and somewhat pretty neat!

selamat malam. gotta get out from this sweat-soaked bra.


yanming said...

jane,since u like malay songs.i got a song suggestion for u...'Menghitung Hari' by Kris Dayanti.after listening to it,tell me if u like it...;)

eejane said...

thanks for the enthusiasm. i appreciate that. also, i heard the song, its pretty good. but kinda old don't you think? is that the only malay song you have in your collection?

i particularly like the first two lines of the lyrics.