Sunday, January 11, 2009

what if?

if there is a time machine,

if there is a genie,

if there is time travel,

if there is a shooting star that grands wishes,

if there is a bottomless wishing well,

i would want to travel back in time.

just to this one day, a saturday,

on this very minute, on a morning,


i would want to rephrase an answer to a golden question.
my answer was, 'er, ya.'

what if my answer was, 'er, belum lagi'?

would things be any different then?

would things be any different now?

but then again, i do not lose anything.

many a times, i regretted my answer but it was not a wrong answer. my answer did not givce any less than what i expected. but i have always,




what would the outcome be,...

if my answer was not my answer.




Ily. said...

if ur answer was not ur answer then u wont be what u are now.hehe. :D

eejane said...

awak berfalsafah dengan saya ke?

Ezen said...

apakah soalan emas itu?
bagitau bagitau...

Ily. said...

berfalSAMPAH la.hehe. :D