Friday, January 23, 2009

lecturers and classes and people.

end of this week means the end of my first week in school, after one year long thrasing out.

ask how i feel? - well, i feel nothing. my excitement has really gone down the drain. after all, its been one whole damn year. all feelings was lost, only neutral. thats the only emotion that runs through my blood now. but then again, i do hope school would take me by suprise and make me excited..

i am taking 4 classes. 3 out of 4 of my lecturers are soooooooooooooo old. so old. 2 are balding and has spotted bald heads. maybe if i look closer, they have mushrooms growing out on those spots.

one of them speaks so soft. and i have a feeling, he is teaching like a robot and not out of passion and interest anymore. he goes on and on and on and on. he is so monotonous, luckily, i do not suffer from ADHD. but he is a good teacher.

another balding spotted lecturer is what-are-you-talking-about??? he is so old that - 1. he cannot write properly because he cannot stop jiggletwicthfidget-ing when writing. it cannot be any more cakar than that. and to make it all worse is that he does not want any report/assignment handwritten. it shows that the fella tidak pernah cerminkan diri. 2. i don't know what the fella merepekkan. what he lectures is like a jigsaw puzzle to me that i am suppose to solve piece by piece as he goes on and on.

this is my Introduction to Engineering class lecturer. and now that i am here in the mahuan country, they have the customary units and of course, the S.I units. customary units are pound (lb), mile (mi) to name a few, whereas the S.I units that are used in the whole world are, kg and meter. therefore, whatever calculations that are done are to be done in both units. so my first class was about converting S.I units to the customary units. one part of that session was like so;
1 feet = 12 inch
1 ft^2 = 144 inch^2

but instead of 144inch^2, he wrote 12inch^2. so i asked. and the only answer he gave me was, 'i could have wrote that.' ya, so why not???? why shitting not? what? what do you mean you could have? gisssss. i truly hope he is not lou moh. ergh.

next old lecturer is after all not that old but he has had multiple heart attacks before and recently had a heart surgery. i do hope he stays healthy and do not suddenly... ... ... you know. i sure do not need that kinda adrendaline to pump me up.

and the fourth lecturer is the only one that does not absorb all my good energy away...

kill me if you can.

so in this lou moh's class, at the end, i understood what he was scribbling and mumbling about. so i manage to go with him on my notes. therefore, at the end of the class, two girls came up to me and asked if they could borrow my notes for awhile to jot down, then bla bla girl is from Thailand, and another one from err, Africa? but whatever, this Thailand girl, said, 'i am gonna sit beside you next time.' i smiled. how not ejane right? but this was what ran through my head, 'you gotta be kidding me! i seriously do not feel like sitting beside you. i will only consider if you change that outfit of yours, but i do not guarentee.' i am mean, aren't i? besides, i am not any smarter. i do not wanna dissapoint her. and also the guy sitting beside me right now is not bad himself, so i rather not have her. typical loner, but thats just me. i seriously do not need someone bugging me all the time about notes while the lou moh is talking. so yaa..go figure.

well......though only a week. life is getting so tiresome.

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