Friday, January 23, 2009

aussy open #2

updates on the Australian Open ( i do wonder if anyone knows what i am talking...)

but anyhow,

1. major major upsets - Venus Williams lost in the 2nd round to Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain. Venus had so many chances and was serving for the match but could not serve out. and she went downhill after that. Navarro had pretty solid backhand, almost similar to those of Henin's.
- Ana Ivanovic lost in the 3rd round to someone i forgot her name. Ana...ana...ana...i do feel for her.

2. Marion Bartoli lost weight! she looks awesome now.

3. Roddick lost 15 pounds too! and he is playing great. commentators said that if there is anyone that will pull an upset to the men's top 4, it would be him, and i hope he upsets Novak.

4. Novak changed his racket to Head. Roddick changed racket/racket colour.

Novak's match against Amer Delic in the 3rd round was an awesome match. Amer, the 127th rank player in the world played like the top 20s. Amer is a Bosnian-borned-American and Novak is Serbian. i do not know whats the history of both that country, as far as i know, both that country used to be Yugoslavia back in the 90's and now its separated to about 5 other countries. so anyway, when both of them played and Novak won in the end, Bosnian and Serbian fans outside the court threw chairs at each other and injuring a woman when a chair hit her on the head. police officers and security officers came in and took them people out of the park.

during a women's double's match, when Venus and Serena was on court and during a break, a spectator, or a ku-ku head (what the word used to describe this kinda people?) jump down to the court, bottomless and danced around for almost 1 minute before the security came in. it was ugly.

so far thats all.

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