Saturday, January 17, 2009

bing bong the blob.

firstly, before you lay your eyes on the rest of the post, you are warned that the contents might be too detailed or disturbing to be read. but if you are kewl, its nothing pretty much. its just life.

secondly, some might know, some that do not know, i have a thing, a bad thing, for/(against) breast. lately, the issue of breasts came to me because my mada have been bugging me a lot about my breast. i know, totally (??!!) right?

my breasts have been in the growing process for about the past 8 years.

in this period of time, i have many personal thoughts on my breasts... and hey, who knows, probably, its a common thought among many other girls too. so here goes;

initial stage : 'er, why do i have to wear a singlet, mum? i don't care, i am just gonna wear my t-shirt.'

late initial stages : 'this bra strip is so shitting uncomfortable. its like a string tied over my shoulder and body. err, why do my chest have to grow?'

mid stage : 'what? its still growing?'

late mid stage : 'bras are so expensive. if only i can spend those money on some better stuff. but whatever, its not that i wanna buy it, mum asked me to. and by the way, can that sales lady stop staring at my chest, i am not quite comfortable with that. moreover, its an open space - people do walk by. gis.'

maturing stage : 'is this big? i need to win the 100m race. i would do so much better without you. sure don't need you bouncing up my face for every step i run. i need to hold you down, tight. fleshy blob.'

late maturing stage : 'whatever.'

final stage : 'has it stopped growing? guess so. or not? whatever. as long as it stays at an appropriate size.'

so ya. i used to wear bras that looked like the kamikaze pilot's helmet. like so..
(no offense to anyone affliated to the kamikazes)
then to bigger ones and then one day, a sports bra came smacked on my face and since then i started to wear them and never came back to wearing odinary cup bras. sports bra are the bomb! they provide all round cushion, a very tight and secure security and a guarentee of less bounce to the flesh blobs and it keeps you warm on cold days.

i know, its called sports bra for a reason, for sports. but well, its not wrong to wear it all the time.

then came one day, my mada was so suddenly-unnecessarily worried about my habit, she asked me to get a wired and sponged bra. well, of course, i say do not waste your money, but she insisted, i followed along. it was bare. errr. i wore that for not long and that wire start jutting out and got out of shape. from a smiley curve to a 90 degree bend. i sure don't need that for comfort. and when i had that on, and i told Beh, my very popular and often mentioned-in-my-blog friend, that i am wearing an odinary bra, she went, 'beh kuai la..siang kah kah tua ane kuan. tua loh.' dang her.

after that bra was ruined, i went back to my nice comfy sports bra.

and now, again, my mada is bugging me about it. yo! she said;

1. that my breast is being bind and bound so tightly, its not growing.
(farny, it had kinda overgrown or probably stopped growing.)

2. i need to let them out to play, i mean breathe.
(no one is gonna play it. duh.)

3. its not well supported and therefore, the next time, later part of my long life, when i take off my bra, my breasts are gonna droop and fall right down to gravity.
(well, i am now making sure i do not live that long.)


1. i do not like my skin of my breasts to touch my clothes. just seem to sensitive to touch.
2. i always have the feel that my nipple is not tugged in.
3. i do not like my breast touching my breast. like when you sleep sideways. though i am more of a back sleeper than a side sleeper.
4. its prone to cancer/tumor growth when being bound like that. i think, fuck that. there are more to life than to worry about this.
5. and i do not agree with all my mada's theories.

anyway, so now i am wearing regular bras, i hope my mada gets over her suddenly-unnecessarily concern over my blobs.

and speaking of this, let me ask you, fellow readers,
1. what did the left breasts said to the right breast?
2. can you pronouce BREASTS the right way? if yes, say it!

did you know :
1. my friends and i have a song on our friend's breast. spontaneously created it. breasts geniuses.
2. i asked my English language teacher how to pronouce the plural of breast correctly, before. (in case you are wondering, she acknowledged my question but she did not answer me. ya and its a she.)

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suiying said...

Mada's theories are made to be disagreed with ;)

1. See you on the other side of the valley.

2. bresteses.

Feel like singing the triple breast song again! But i forgot the lyrics :(