Monday, August 10, 2009

live from Changi.

i cannot be any ever more ya tuhan as i am now.

i am now blogging live from Changi Airport in Singapore. it shows a smiley face on my watch, meaning its 2210 hours as of now. and i've been here since 1420 hours. well, i still have another 4 freaken hours to burn before i board my flight. part of me wants to be held in this time trap actually. because i do not want to reach my destination that soon. =(

Changi Airport deserves its complimence, because i am still surviving. its very kill-boredom friendly. it has many entertainment facilities. from big screen high-definition sports tv, to a small cinema, to music lounges, jamming studios, pc games and PS3 and Xbox (and bla bla bla bla) to mess with, and without charge. but then, being alone, nothing seems very attracting. and of course, abunudance of internet access. but it has its 15 minutes time limit and it automatically logs out. so you gotta log back in. and to prevent internet suckers like me to occupy the pc for hours, they do not provide chairs, so ya, my legs are pretty strong pillars.

there is a very lovely sunflower garden behind me, now. and what a coincident because i would like to officially annouce that sunflowers are my favourite flowers! so when you wear black and is sending me to heaven, bring sunflowers, i do not want kekwa.

i am at Changi Airport because i am not on holiday, anymore.

yesterday, there was a simple get-together with a few fellow friends who were really nice to come to spend their night with me. it was at the Gate! (dude,my favourite, after siangmalam.) and Jenn brought her guitar and Meichen brought her signature violin and we sang. i know, as if we own the place but why not? i might one day have share over that cafe. ;)

lastly, Ekspidisi Bahagia kali ini sudah pun berakhir. and i cannot wait to blog on this amazing and awesomus expedition.

salam hormat.

'berbakti kepada negara'.

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kHaiLi said...

so sad din get to go pintu pagar with u all...
anyway, have a safe journey k....
take care!!!