Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i made friends with my friends, again. - that was how it felt meeting up and spending time with them.

i was lucky to have met up with many of my friends and learned many new things about them as well.

the very first person i met and suprised was none other then Mizen. when i dropped in at her house, she was busy babysitting and was bathing two big babies. i actually planned to suprise the second person i met but thanks to the first person i met, i could not carry out my suprise as planned. hence, instead of having Mizen drive me to Jennifer's house, we had to change plans and have Mizen call Jennifer and talk nonsense to her before i took over the phone. but i am happy all the same, ecstatic to be exact. and the fourth person i met was Cheah. then i stopped counting. boo.

and for my favourite friend, Beh, Mizen and i went to the bus station to fetch her from Penang. and we screamed her name, 'BEH SHUH PYNG...BEHHH SSSHUHHH PYNGGGGer..' ya, yet another quite successful attempt of cheap publicity by Mizen and Ejane. that was the first time i met with her. all eyes on us. then her.

and for Teoh, was the last friend i met on the week before my last week. but i was more than glad to be able to meet her. well, i have to say, thanks to H1N1, if not i would not have had that chance.

and back to what i mentioned, i've learned many new things about them; and these are a few;

Jennifer - she might potentially become Taiping's most unexpected gangsta. well-trained and well-prepared from St. George's Instituition. hell ya! i'd be your right-hand man.

Mizen - omg. i did not know that she eats like a pig. and faak that she is still that broom-stick. she probably eats 5 full meals in a day. she did not use to eat like that.

Beh - there is ONLY one thing i want to say. her old love : me. her new love : HANKY (i do not know his real name, but its pronouced like that.) it really is her new love but she is in such denial.

Ezen - masih segila dulu.

Cheah - kawan melayu di kiri kanan. dan hidup yang tertakdir di penjarakan di negeri Kedah.

Mei Chen - likes barbeque-ing.

Tee Xin - is not it obvious? she lost weight. definately.

Teoh - she still loves Malaysia. looks like i'd be celebrating Christmas alone. again.

Shafiq - pandai masak bihun goreng!

Joanne - she said she has fallen into an emo mode. but i don't notice.

and a lot more..

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