Monday, July 6, 2009

the question isss

the answer is yes.


it is like you are the Sun and i am the Earth.

the Earth spins around the Sun.

everything revolves around the Sun.

no matter how far the Earth floats away in space, the Earth will end up in the orbit of the Sun because of it's great gravitational pull.

the Sun may be light years farway from the Earth, but the Earth still feels the warmth of the Sun and sees the light of the Sun.

everytime when the sunrises, the Earth smiles.

and when the sunsets, it gives the clouds on Earth a beautiful shade of orange, red, yellow, and purple; beautifully blended together.

the Earth cannot live without sunlight, scientifically proven. but apparently, Sun lives, with or without the Earth. but its fine.

on rainy days, cloudy days, and hazy days, little sunlight penetrates through but there is still light. there is still you.

without, my world, my Earth, would be a cold cold place.

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