Thursday, July 16, 2009

just because i wanted to update something..

firstly, my dear friend, Tan Mizen, has FINALLY moved her butt off and flown it to Perth, Australia. after many months and days of using time very generously on nothing, she is now in Perth for almost a week. on a mission to educate herself. and for her, i truly hope that her third time coming would be her charm. and that she will now own determination to carry on and also quick adaptation to foreign culture without stress and pressure. so if you are reading, high 5. lets do it!

though it was rather sad to see her leave, but i was maybe happier to see her finally doing something benefitial for herself for her future. time waits for no man.

i really do not have any secondly actually.

secondly, did you all Taiping residents, young and old, short and tall, plump and skinny, know of the existance of a pretty freak'in awesome ATV park, just right opposite of the Kamalodge - which is along the way to Taman Sentosa? still do not know where exactly - it is also along the way to Burmese pool. ok. (if you still do not know, i guess you do not belong in Taiping) it's small entrance, small signage and many trees surrounding the area makes it rather difficult to be spotted. it is called the, 'ATV - Adventure Park Larut'. so go give it a try, best time and weather to do so would be on drizzly afternoons. because a lil wet would make it a lil wilder. haha. but also be prepared for a rather costly price and for a hand-aching ride of fun. most importantly, be well prepared for temptations to be addicted to this expensive hobby. and later, be a fan on Facebook. (a photo of ezen and i is on facebook.)


Ily. said...

what is the ATV actually?? i wanna go!

eejane said...

awak datang ambil saya la, pastu saya tunjukkan. sudah dah nak balik. =( sedihnyaa..ya tuhan, sedihnya..

Ily. said...

alamak jane. awak dah nak balik us ke? bila balik taiping lagi? alahaaaii, sy lupa nak bagitau awak sy dah balik kedah. tak dapat la pergi atv park tuuu.

maxiee said...

omg how much is expensive ?