Sunday, July 5, 2009

lesser than more.

everyday has been a series of on-going events, though it may just be totally wasting time on trash talk and sipping on coffee, but then, is not wasting time just the perfect pass time?

i am now typing as i listen to Wimbeldon Radio on the final fifth set of the men's singles final. wimbeldon has come and gone, in just a blink of an eye. and the suprise finalist of Andy Roddick. i did not watch a single match on Wimbeldon because of two reasons, 1. because as all well may know, Rafael Nadal decided not to play due to his knee tentinitis and 2. no sports channel on astro. but since Nadal is not playing anyway, i had no reason to take the initiative to search for source to watch the tournament.
*ohh, its a tight final.*

aside from a busy week, it was also a dark week for me. because my phone died on me. it died. on me. my loyal phone for the past 3 years or so. it may be an old phone, but the sentimental value is as expensive as the latest phone around. i am not grining in happiness even for a little bit because i have never desired for a new one before. my phone was there for me when i was mad, when i wanted to share some happiness, when i needed to reach out to the world, when i needed something to smile about, i turn to my phone. but now its all gone. all my contacts are gone. i will continue to mourn.

Roddick did not win. final set of 16-14. Federer is now back to the no.1 position and he now surpasses Sampras's record in grand slam wins. and (oh my god) he is going to be a father in a few weeks.

we got to learn how to deal with our emotions and our reactions when things fail to go our way. it may be bitter but make your smile the sugar.

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