Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow Patrol.

two days and i can still feel the every beat of my heart pulsating to the beat of the drums. the electrical vibe with every plug of the guitar. and the deafening good music booming against the eardrum.

small stage, front line.

but alone.

did not bothered taking a camera along, as i planned to just enjoy the show. had other people to do the job. the above video, titled, "The Lightning Strike" from their A Hundred Million Suns album.

Gary Lightbody, the lead vocalist, thanked Austin, TX for coming out that evening instead of Houston, TX. bum. but he made it up with back to back incredible songs, "Make This Go On Forever" and "Run", while apologizing. followed by "Chasing Cars". he then got the crowd participating in "Shut Your Eyes".

check out "make this go on forever snow patrol" video in the related link to see Lightbody in his act. and how he called himself a dickhead.

The Plain White Ts were their opening act. they were pretty good, just that i did not know any of their songs, except "Hey There Delilah" and "1234" which were both performed. But "Sunlight" was the best.

it was tiring. had to stand from 630-7 for the doors to open. 7-8 for the show to start. and 8-1030 for the show to finally end. standing was not the major tiring part, it was waiting alone that was tiring.

at the back of me i had two indian girls verbal fighting with a white boy over the word, 'genitalia' and in front of me i had two women kissing everytime their favourite songs were playing.

check out the videos. but of course, the videos uphold no justice for the actual performance.

so people, if Snow Patrol come crusing in the town near to you, do not miss them.

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