Sunday, October 11, 2009

i write no reason.

ATTACHMENT. is my problem. and when attachment is a problem, DETACHMENT makes it another problem.

"The moment you get too attached to things, people, money... you screw it up."

"The challenge of life is to appreaciate everything and attach yourself to nothing."

Andrew Matthews, "Happiness in a Nutshell". page 10.

i don't know to what extend do i agree with Matthews, the happiness expert, on the first quote. but i have to agree that it is indeed a challenge to not attach myself to things/people.

though, i guess Mattews quote applies generally on people, tending to screw up something they are overly attached to. but i think that a great attachment would instead screw you up when even the slightest change takes place. and with that said, accustoming to a certain change and to have acceptance of that change makes another challenge.

and to have acceptance to change is to have openess for new things.

and all are actually impossibilities. i am no James Bond, nor Tom Cruise.

does no attachment make you appreciate things as much as attachment, or less or more? what are the indication of no attachment?

is attachment being able to let go of things just by a snap of a finger? because that is what i cannot do. letting go of things/people/past with a snap of a finger. or in fact a thousand snaps of a finger.

no attachment is suppose to bring more happiness. i say that is myth. because in every false there could be truth.

so what the hell. what did i accomplish in this post? nothing but a self-satisfying logical falacy.

i want to not feel the dilemma of attachment but not willing to accept no attachment.


suiying said...

i think what he meant by no attachment is that you're willing to accept that things change, and you are willing to embrace that change. so when you get attached to something to the point where you don't want it to change, you got yourself a problem. and when you detach yourself to the point where you simply don't care if it changes or not, you have another problem.

the matthews guy wants us to appreciate that everything changes.

of course, this is like some idealistic zen idea that no real person can truly say they practice.

Ezen said...

how to attach to nothing? hard hard, impossible.