Sunday, April 10, 2011

my kind of farny

last night, a bunch of Malaysians got together to have a barbeque dinner. no porks, just chikins; no alcohol, just coca-cola. as we sat, to eat, and to talk about the tiring week we had, it slowly got too boring. we had to crack something up.

characters: Hani, Zuhrah (the girl that tries to maintain her lady elegance, but fails at times), Jell, Jane (you know best), Tearus, Darick and Ezriq (the almighty blur one).

Jell decided so tell  us a joke her brada shared with her a few days ago;

Jell: so there is this boob competition...
Ezriq: what what competition?
Jell: boob.
Ezriq: huh?
Zuhrah: (all impatient and all) TEK TEK!! TEK TEK tahu tak??
Hani, Jell, Tearus, Darick, Ezriq: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Ezriq: tahu tahu tahu..(penuh insaf)
*background, Jane was still laughing uncontrollably*
Zuhrah: (noticing that it came out a lil bit too kasar) ehem, ehem. ok ok. i take it back. i tarik balik.
Jell: ....payudara...
*Jane burst out laughing again* [no seriously, its been a while, since i've heard of payudara]
Zuhrah: ok Jane ok. breathe in breathe out..
Jell: ok. so there is this tektek competition, boobs competition la..whatever.competition for the biggest boobs. so when they announce, "pemenang tempat ketiga...sizenya sebesar papaya..." and "pemenang tempat kedua sizenya sebesar tembikai, and then finally.."pemenang tempat pertama...sizenya sebesar oren.."
*everyone huh*
Jell: ....tapi itu hanya size putingnya...
*everyone burst out in tears*

next is a racist joke, but we took precautions since we were outside, laughing so publicly, therefore we told it in BM, which i thought was even funnier..

"ada seorang lelaki hitam dilanggar kereta mati. jadi dia pun tumbuhlah sayap, seperti malaikat, dan lalu ke syurga..setibanya di syurga, dengan penuh kegembiraan, dia bertembung dengan tuhan, katanya kepada tuhan, "sinilah saya, sebagai malaikat..", dan tuhan pun berkata kepadanya, "awak bukan malaikat la, awak adalah seekor kelawar, pergilah!"

asian - chinese joke;

"do you know how chinese people name their children? - they take their kitchen utensils and throw them down the stair. and thats how you get, ping pong piang, cling clong cliang, cheng hui san, beng su ping.."

probably all this is only farny to me. haha. oh well.


espanyol said...

ya tuhan..i m laughing sorang2..

Jun said...

farnee farneee... hahha.. good one!