Wednesday, November 4, 2009

smat jatra, gu.

do you remember how back in Convent Kota, on those blue Mondays assemblies, when the guru besar would be giving her speech, or when during those after-recess lectures or even in-class soul-searching-aimlessly sessions, the teachers would stress and stress time and time again, that, "ada di kalangan kamu yang sangat sombong. bila berjalan lalu dengan cikgu, jalan saja, tak pun berhenti untuk ucap cikgu, 'selamat sejahtera'. lain kali, kalau lalu depan cikgu, ucaplah selamat sejahtera.."

such great emphasis had had psychological effect on us. constantly trying to prove those teachers and their statements wrong, we would ucap. in the long corridor of Convent Kota, as soon as we see a vague image of a walking teacher, or a shadow of an approaching teacher, or when we hear the creepy footsteps of a teacher getting louder and louder, we would automatically put on wide smile eyes open wide and cute and tongue all set in the position to utter, 'se...'.

so much so that the culture is so deeply engraved in us that, although we do not want to ucap, but it comes out uncontrollably. the smile, the cute wide eyes and the selamat sejahtera, cikgu. dalam hati kata, 'malasnyerr nak bukak mulut.' tapi ekpsresi muka tetap senyum, tetap 'selamat pagi, cikgu.'

not only do we ucap every teacher we meet along the corridor, we give a lil cute bow. like those of japanese culture. what more can you ask from a bunch of young untamed pupils? a bow and a nod and ucapan? too good to be true.

when in menengah Convent, teachers never had problems with us Convent Kota because we are so [too] well-trained. but the ucapan has evolved. from 'selamat sejahtera cikgu', to 'smat jahtra gu' and a nod of the head, but eyes looking through the teacher.

as teenagers, we tend to not want to follow commands, whatmore to be asked to ucap cikgu bila bertemu di koridor sekolah. but see, we still do it, though may not be as precise as we used to do it in Convent Kota, but we still do it. it is like you cannot not urinate when shitting. thus, when our eyes spot a teacher, the mind automatically tells us to ucap, senyum, without consciousness.

but then you see, i believe that this is not a culture widely practiced in other schools, though to us, it seem like a common culture. we are indeed so obedient and i dare say that if we were asked and molded to ucap, smile, bow and end it with a curtsy, we would, until we are 17!


suiying said...

ironically, we give a half-hearted "smat jatra, gu" but a more enthusiastic "HI TEACHER!". funny, the way we show respect :)

YanMing said...

yeah...this is so least to me.everytime i meet a malay teacher i would go,"smat jatra gu"; all tongue tied.if it's those non-malay teacher, then its "good morning teacher/sir".somehow it's easier for me to greet the teachers in english than in malay.

also,i think convent teachers are trained like a sense they're trained to acknowledge our greetings.they might even have the same thought going thorugh their minds like, "omg...budak bising jane..." when they meet certain students.LOL.XD

eejane said...

yan mmg asking me to taruh her punya.

suiying said...

yea yea. taruh dia cukup-cukup.

YanMing said...

suiying what's your problem? and for some weird reason,i am always jane's victim.

Ily. said...

omg. malu nak cakab but im crying reading yr blog. sissy me. hehe. memang well-trained betul budak2 convent ni.

i miss convent. dont u?

Ily. said...
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eejane said...

kenapa cry?

i do. very much.

maxiee said...

awesome, loved reading this! lol XD

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